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The Impact that Music Has on our Lives

Music is to the soul what food is to the body. Music has stirred millions of souls since times immemorial and continues to do. The human being communicated with his fellow beings through musical notes much before he coined words for a language. Music in any and every form it is played or rendered is without doubt man’s noblest creation which strikes a chord in the soul in a manner that has a long-term impact. Most of us are able to instinctively recall a melodious tune or harmonious notes we may have heard someplace.

When you feel down and out and are utterly depressed, attending an opera or simply listening to a sonorous, soulful music automatically cheers you up. Even a newborn or a one-year old who hasn’t picked up the essentials of his or her mother tongue is moved by music. It is music that makes a highly sophisticated social and living being as well as distinguishes him from other beings. Music has the capacity of breaking down artificial and imaginary barriers between warring tribes of people.

Music also has the potential to unite people from all over the world regardless of their caste, creed, culture or religion. Music is capable of ushering in an era where everybody would be equal before the eyes of the State and law. One can see people from all sections of society irrespective of their economic standing and religious beliefs queuing up to buy tickets to listen to their favorite singer or music band performing in front of everybody. Have you ever noticed that a crying baby or a quarreling couple suddenly becoming awestruck and dumbfounded when they lend their ears to sonorous music playing in a corner of the room? You can express all your feelings of love, mirth, sadness, and rage through music without speaking a word.



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