Four tips that can be helpful in conducting live musical events

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Holding your first musical event can be really exciting. You need to understand all the aspects of a successful event and plan it accordingly. Whether it is decorating the stage or focusing on the musical theme that suits the occasion, you need to make sure that you get it right. You need to make sure that the musicians and the singer are comfortable on the stage so that there is no disturbance while the show is on. Some of the points that can help in getting the combinations correct are:


Make sure that you test every area properly and electricity is easily available. The musicians need to amplify the music so that the guests can hear them properly. Generally in any event there are sizeable amount of audience and there is a lot of noise during the show. Check each and every point for full availability of music and make sure that the outlets are placed at the correct area. You should also inform the musicians about the electrical points well in advance so that they make proper arrangements before the show starts.

Comfort of guests and musicians

You should make sure that you have a proper area set for the musicians as well as the guests. The guitarist or any other musician should feel lost among the crowd. At the same time, you should provide enough space to the guests for having fun and dancing to the tunes of the music. If you have a singer on your show he should have enough space on the stage so where he can stand comfortably with the musicians and perform in the event. These are some factors that can be crucial in the musical event and make it successful. The movers should be easily able to dance and enjoy with their friends.


It is obvious that the crowd will feel thirsty or hungry in between the show. You need to make sure that the food counter is at a distance from the stage. If you place the counter near the stage then it will affect the cleanliness of the area and the guests might not feel as comfortable. Having a totally different area for eating food along with friends makes it comfortable for the crowd and they are able to enjoy the show. To make sure that you have a smooth event where there is cleanliness you need to make sure that you have a well planned area for all the essential stuff.

Proper interaction between the crowd and the musicians

Musicians and the singers like to interact with the crowd during their performance. It gives them enthusiasm to perform and feel motivated. It can be really frustrating for the musicians if they are not able to see half the crowd and they are not able to interact with them. They need to see the guests to make sure that they are having a nice time. It will be difficult to keep the action going if the singers and musicians cannot read the crowd’s actions.


Four ways how music influences our lives in a positive way

Music has been there since centuries and it has been really beneficial for human beings. It is important to understand the benefits of music and implement in our life. There have been medical evidences that music can help in healing various internal injuries. Some of the points show how it can help us in various ways:

Predicting personality

A report suggests that the playlist of a person can help in predicting his personality and his traits. Whether a person is an introvert, emotional or an extrovert, this can all be understood by watching his reactions to a particular kind of music.

The effect of ambient noise

Music helps in creating a nice ambience in any place and it improves the creativity of a person. The soothing sound of any song helps in improving the mental balance and creating a something unique. Even students like to listen to music while reading a book. It is said that if a person listens to a nice song while reading a book, it can help in remembering everything and improve productivity.

Effect of happy or sad music

When people are happy they love to listen to loud volumes and good music. But during times of sadness people tend to change their behavior and go for soft music. It is important to help them during their times of sadness and ask them to listen to good music. It can help in forgetting the bad moments and recover from emotional dilemma.

Effect on our brain

It is said that learning different musical instruments helps in having a positive effect on the motor nerves. If anyone is suffering from a neurological disorder then they are asked to listen to nice music as it helps in healing faster and getting rid of the problems.

The Impact that Music Has on our Lives

Music is to the soul what food is to the body. Music has stirred millions of souls since times immemorial and continues to do. The human being communicated with his fellow beings through musical notes much before he coined words for a language. Music in any and every form it is played or rendered is without doubt man’s noblest creation which strikes a chord in the soul in a manner that has a long-term impact. Most of us are able to instinctively recall a melodious tune or harmonious notes we may have heard someplace.

When you feel down and out and are utterly depressed, attending an opera or simply listening to a sonorous, soulful music automatically cheers you up. Even a newborn or a one-year old who hasn’t picked up the essentials of his or her mother tongue is moved by music. It is music that makes a highly sophisticated social and living being as well as distinguishes him from other beings. Music has the capacity of breaking down artificial and imaginary barriers between warring tribes of people.

Music also has the potential to unite people from all over the world regardless of their caste, creed, culture or religion. Music is capable of ushering in an era where everybody would be equal before the eyes of the State and law. One can see people from all sections of society irrespective of their economic standing and religious beliefs queuing up to buy tickets to listen to their favorite singer or music band performing in front of everybody. Have you ever noticed that a crying baby or a quarreling couple suddenly becoming awestruck and dumbfounded when they lend their ears to sonorous music playing in a corner of the room? You can express all your feelings of love, mirth, sadness, and rage through music without speaking a word.


Global Hotspots for Holding Musical Events

Following are some of the global hotspots (read venues) where live concerts and performances by music bands are organized on a regular basis.

  1. O2 London

O2 in London shot to worldwide fame when it played host to the opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympics. The venue has also hosted world-famous singers like Paul McCartney, Michael Bubble, Adam Lambert, A.R. Rahman, and Queen. It has an 11-screen Cineworld complex, Up at O2 enabling visitors to take a walk on the roof, Brooklyn Bowl, and music hall that can seat up to 800 people.

  1. Madison Square Garden, NYC

The Madison Square Garden or simply the MSG was thrown open to the public on Feb 11, 1968 and is the fourth-most popular musical venue after O2, Manchester Arena, and the SSE Hydro. The premises have hosted basketball, ice-hockey, boxing, and wrestling events.

  1. Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Situated within the precincts of Melbourne Park, the Rod Laver Arena has been the primary venue for staging the Australian Open since 1988. The arena was commercially inaugurated in 1988 and has a seating capacity of 15,000.

  1. American Airlines Center, Dallas

The American Airlines Center is situated in Victory Park locality in close proximity to downtown Dallas. The arena has traditionally hosted fixtures of the NBA and is the home-ground of the Dallas Mavericks. The arena commercially opened in 2001 and is also used for staging live musical performances. Beyonce Knowles, Cher, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Metallica, Miley Cyrus, Janet Jackson, and Madonna have performed here.


  1. SSE Hydro, Glasgow

A multi-purpose indoor stadium situated within the grounds of the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre in Glasgow. The venue gets its name from the energy firm that sponsored its construction-SSE plc. The arena was officially inaugurated on 30th September in 2013 and Rod Stewart was the first to perform in the indoor spaces.


Organizing a Musical Soiree or Event: Important Tips

If you’re a music aficionado or a diehard fan of some musical band, then you surely must have attended a gig or two. Acolytes and fans of celebrated singers, rock bands, and pop groups are so immersed in entertaining themselves they hardly ever notice the hard work that goes into organizing such events. Contrary to what you may think, making arrangements for a live gig or concert isn’t all that stressful. Abide by the ensuing tips to hold a musical soiree, and earn some cool bucks in the process.

  1. Figure out your audience

As an event manager, you’ll surely have the sagacity to realize that fans of Coldplay, ABBA or Meat Loaf will not queue up to see a performance by Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins or John Denver. Aspects such as choice of venue, transport options, and affordability also needs to be factored in while choosing who all you want to be present.

  1. Planning is the key

Event management is all about meticulous planning; you should have an eye for detail and have everything planned out well in advance so that everything happens as per your plan.

  1. Pressing the appropriate helping hands into service

While zeroing down on a venue, you can choose from two options-either opting for a fully-equipped setting or going for a plain spot. With the latter, you’ll have to make arrangements for ticket sellers, caterers, security, lighting, staging and so on. Of course, you can select the former but it might turn out to be more expensive.

  1. Factor in insurance

Why take a chance by assuming that everything will go perfectly well. An unruly fan or short-circuit in the wiring might lead to your being slapped with a lawsuit costing millions. Isn’t it far more practicable for PLI (public liability insurance)?

  1. Promotion is Everything

It goes without saying that publicizing your event is the first step you need to take as an organizer. And internet has made it so convenient to canvass any event or occasion nowadays.